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Bollène-Vésubie Photo Gallery

  •  Bollène-Vésubie photo bollenevesub0015b.jpg

    1/10. Exterior view of Bollène-Vésubie. Looking north up the Vésubie valley, Roquebillière in the distance.

  •  Bollène-Vésubie photo bollenevesub0014b.jpg

    2/10. Closer exterior view of Bollène-Vésubie.

  •  Bollène-Vésubie photo bollenevesub0021b.jpg

    3/10. La Bollène-Vésubie's nicely decorated town hall (Hotel de Ville).

  •  Bollène-Vésubie photo bollenevesub0022b.jpg

    4/10. La Bollène-Vésubie village street and old balconies. And an even older painted wall.

  •  Bollène-Vésubie photo bollenevesub0033b.jpg

    5/10. La Bollène-Vésubie village street and colored houses.

  •  Bollène-Vésubie photo bollenevesub0046b.jpg

    6/10. La Bollène-Vésubie street and over-door carving.

  •  Bollène-Vésubie photo bollenevesub0047b.jpg

    7/10. Colorful houses in La Bollène-Vésubie village center.

  •  Bollène-Vésubie photo bollenevesub0043b.jpg

    8/10. Museum interior at La Bollène-Vésubie. Light, modern, clean, and outstanding displays.

  •  Bollène-Vésubie photo bollenevesub0044b.jpg

    9/10. Museum interior display at La Bollène-Vésubie. Very complete butterfly-moth display, just a part of what they have.

  •  Bollène-Vésubie photo bollenevesub0050b.jpg

    10/10. Arched passage and card players in La Bollène-Vésubie.

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