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Bastide-des-Jourdans Photo Gallery

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans0005b.jpg

    1/14. Chateau of La Bastide-des-Jourdans at night, 2009.

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans053b.jpg

    2/14. Chateau of La Bastide-des-Jourdans in December fog, 1995.

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans0017b.jpg

    3/14. Chateau of La Bastide-des-Jourdans, Autumn overcast, 2009.

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans0056b.jpg

    4/14. Medieval gateway into La Bastide-des-Jourdans.

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans0051b.jpg

    5/14. Fountain and passage inside La Bastide-des-Jourdans village.

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans0030b.jpg

    6/14. Protective walls and river exit from inside La Bastide-des-Jourdans. Notice the cat on the wall beneath the tree.

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans0018b.jpg

    7/14. 12th-century Saint-Pierre church of La Bastide-des-Jourdans.

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans0023b.jpg

    8/14. Street inside La Bastide-des-Jourdans village. The house by the pot with yellow flowers is a Chambre d'Hôte, and just beyond is a Faïence pottery shop.

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans0011b.jpg

    9/14. Narrow village street in La Bastide-des-Jourdans.

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans0010b.jpg

    10/14. A 17th-century stone doorway in La Bastide-des-Jourdans.

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans0003b.jpg

    11/14. La Bastide-des-Jourdans bell tower at night.

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans0040b.jpg

    12/14. 16th-century Notre-Dame-de-Consolation chapel at the edge of La Bastide-des-Jourdans.

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans0048b.jpg

    13/14. La Bastide-des-Jourdans sundial and window shutters. The sundial design says "1878", probably signifying the date of the house. The design is signed "2004".

  •  Bastide-des-Jourdans photo bastide-jourdans-hotel0002b.jpg

    14/14. Auberge du Cheval Blanc dining room. Welcoming owner/master-chef and cosy fireplace on a cool Autumn evening.

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