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Barroux Photo Gallery

  •  Barroux photo barroux0002b.jpg

    1/19. Le Barroux village with the Dentelles de Montmirail mountains in the distance

  •  Barroux photo barroux0004b.jpg

    2/19. Castle of Barroux above Le Barroux village in the Vaucluse hills

  •  Barroux photo barroux0007b.jpg

    3/19. 16th-century chapel and castle above the village houses of Le Barroux

  •  Barroux photo barroux0089b.jpg

    4/19. 16th century Chapelle Notre-Dame La Brune in front of the Chateau du Barroux

  •  Barroux photo barroux0115b.jpg

    5/19. Le Barroux castle towering over the town hall (Mairie)

  •  Barroux photo barroux0083b.jpg

    6/19. Le Barroux castle courtyard viewed through the [closed] entry gates

  •  Barroux photo barroux0043b.jpg

    7/19. Bell tower and campanile on the village church in the center of Le Barroux village

  •  Barroux photo barroux0036b.jpg

    8/19. La Grande Fontaine of Le Barroux as it appeared two or three centuries ago

  •  Barroux photo barroux0027b.jpg

    9/19. La Grande Fontaine on Place Piquet in the village of Le Barroux

  •  Barroux photo barroux0020b.jpg

    10/19. Village fountain on Rue de la Peratoure, Le Barroux

  •  Barroux photo barroux0112b.jpg

    11/19. Village fountain on La Garenne, Le Barroux

  •  Barroux photo barroux0148b.jpg

    12/19. Village fountain on Rue des Ecoles, Le Barroux

  •  Barroux photo barroux0016b.jpg

    13/19. Rue de la Peratoure in the heart of the little village of Le Barroux

  •  Barroux photo barroux0103b.jpg

    14/19. Steep and narrow Rue du Pontin in the medieval village of Le Barroux

  •  Barroux photo barroux0111b.jpg

    15/19. Summertime only café-restaurant on La Garenne in Le Barroux, near the town hall

  •  Barroux photo barroux0128b.jpg

    16/19. Le Barroux village "general store", bread, groceries, tabac, café post office pick-up point

  •  Barroux photo barroux0094b.jpg

    17/19. Le Barroux village houses grouped below the south end of the castle

  •  Barroux photo barroux0086b.jpg

    18/19. Sundial in the castle courtyard of Le Barroux, dated 1999 (MIM)

  •  Barroux photo barroux-paty-lake0006b.jpg

    19/19. The Lac du Paty and fishermen just east of Le Barroux village

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