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Barjols Photo Gallery

  •  Barjols photo barjols0081.jpg

    1/8. Barjols town rooftops and the site of the chateau

  •  Barjols photo barjols0118.jpg

    2/8. An aerial view of Barjols, from nearby hilltop

  •  Barjols photo barjols0037.jpg

    3/8. 19th-c sundial at Barjols's "water" building - 19th-c sundial at the town's "water" building (the "Maison Régionale de l'Eau" was the town's hospital in 1742)

  •  Barjols photo barjols0053b.jpg

    4/8. The Réal quarter of Barjols. "Real" could have been for the 'royal' path to the chateau, or for the stream that comes down here.

  •  Barjols photo barjols0065b.jpg

    5/8. Waterwheel closeup in Barjols.

  •  Barjols photo barjols0026.jpg

    6/8. Barjols' mossy Raynouard fountain, in the Rouguière square

  •  Barjols photo barjols0047.jpg

    7/8. The mossy Fontaine du Champignon in Barjols.

  •  Barjols photo barjols0099.jpg

    8/8. A very ancient doorway in Barjols. A very ancient doorway: The Porte du Marquis de Ponteves was build big and grand, in 1532, do show how rich the Ponteves family was.

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