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Bar-sur-Loup Photo Gallery

  •  Bar-sur-Loup photo barloup002b.jpg

    1/9. Bar-sur-Loup village and the château.

  •  Bar-sur-Loup photo barloup009b.jpg

    2/9. Aerial view of Le Bar-sur-Loup village. On a hazy winter day in 1996.

  •  Bar-sur-Loup photo barloup0032b.jpg

    3/9. Aerial view of Le Bar-sur-Loup village (newer). From 2006; notice the refurbished château.

  •  Bar-sur-Loup photo barloup084b.jpg

    4/9. The old railway viaduct at the edge of Le Bar-sur-Loup village.

  •  Bar-sur-Loup photo barloup094b.jpg

    5/9. "La Tour" in Le Bar-sur-Loup village center. Once the keep of the old manor castle.

  •  Bar-sur-Loup photo barloup0026b.jpg

    6/9. Amiral de Grasse with a period canon in Le Bar-sur-Loup.

  •  Bar-sur-Loup photo barloup027b.jpg

    7/9. Amiral de Grasse of Le Bar-sur-Loup. François Joseph de Grasse, in life-size bronze.

  •  Bar-sur-Loup photo barloup093b.jpg

    8/9. Paragliger by the "baou" above Bar-sur-Loup village.

  •  Bar-sur-Loup photo barlouphike006b.jpg

    9/9. Waterfall. On the loop-hike just above Le Bar-sur-Loup village,.

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