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Argens-Minervois Photo Gallery

  •  Argens-Minervois photo argens-minervois0005b.jpg

    1/13. Argens-Minervois village and flowering laurier rose, viewed from the bridge over the Canal du Midi

  •  Argens-Minervois photo argens-minervois0004b.jpg

    2/13. The old chateau towers at the west end of Argens-Minervois village

  •  Argens-Minervois photo argens-minervois0002b.jpg

    3/13. The chateau towers of Argens-Minervois look a bit worn up close

  •  Argens-Minervois photo canal-midi-argens-minervois0006b.jpg

    4/13. Canal du Midi at Argens-Minervois village, with terrace café-restaurant.

  •  Argens-Minervois photo canal-midi-argens-minervois0008b.jpg

    5/13. Canal du Midi beside Argens-Minervois village

  •  Argens-Minervois photo argens-minervois0030b.jpg

    6/13. The Argens-Minervois village church with its massive bell tower

  •  Argens-Minervois photo argens-minervois0017b.jpg

    7/13. Small restaurant and market-grocery store by the Canal du Midi in Argens-Minervois

  •  Argens-Minervois photo argens-minervois0035b.jpg

    8/13. A Argens-Minervois village street, Rue des Cathars

  •  Argens-Minervois photo argens-minervois0024b.jpg

    9/13. Cyclists family stopped in the shade for a drink in Argens-Minervois

  •  Argens-Minervois photo canal-midi-argens-minervois0030b.jpg

    10/13. Boat rental and repair at the Canal du Midi Port Occitaine of Argens-Minervois village

  •  Argens-Minervois photo canal-midi-argens-minervois0015b.jpg

    11/13. Boat and cyclists along the Canal du Midi, going east past Argens-Minervois

  •  Argens-Minervois photo argens-minervois-map01b.jpg

    12/13. Map of Argens-Minervois village beside the Canal du Midi

  •  Argens-Minervois photo argens-minervois0028b.jpg

    13/13. A short local hike mapped out for stretching your legs after a long day on a canal boat

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