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Annot Photo Gallery

  •  Annot photo annot070b.jpg

    1/9. Annot village.

  •  Annot photo annot0020b.jpg

    2/9. Annot and mountains. From near the train station, looking across Annot northwest.

  •  Annot photo annot031b.jpg

    3/9. Railway station buffet, Annot.

  •  Annot photo annot035b.jpg

    4/9. Period piece passenger at the Annot railway station.

  •  Annot photo pignes0031b.jpg

    5/9. Steam train. Crossing the Scaffarels viaduct just east of Annot.

  •  Annot photo annot073b.jpg

    6/9. Centre-ville Annot.

  •  Annot photo annot071b.jpg

    7/9. Annot town and cliffs. A view of the Grés d'Annot cliffs above the town.

  •  Annot photo annot0014b.jpg

    8/9. Troglodyte chapel, Annot. The cave dwellings and chapel are just beside the town, viewed here from walk to the railway station.

  •  Annot photo annot0004b.jpg

    9/9. Frozen fountain, Annot in the winter.

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