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Andon Photo Gallery

  •  Andon photo andon048b.jpg

    1/10. A bit of Andon village, backed by rocky cliffs to the north.

  •  Andon photo andon0012b.jpg

    2/10. Andon village in the snow. The snowy dip in the ridge of the cliffs, just to the right of center, is the Pas de la Mule (Mule Pass).

  •  Andon photo andon0002b.jpg

    3/10. Andon village houses and a cold fountain.

  •  Andon photo andon0017b.jpg

    4/10. The center of Andon village, with the stone church and bell tower.

  •  Andon photo andon050b.jpg

    5/10. The stone bell tower in Andon village.

  •  Andon photo andon0005b.jpg

    6/10. The village lavoir of Andon.

  •  Andon photo andon0025b.jpg

    7/10. Andon shops in the center of the village. The Boulangerie-Patisserie at the left is also a grocerie store.

  •  Andon photo andon0036b.jpg

    8/10. Shops at the 'front' of Andon village. A gift shop at the right, and Le Phenix, an Epicèrie (grocery store), 'tabac', paper shop.

  •  Andon photo andon0038b.jpg

    9/10. Snowy sports field of Andon. Looking northeast from the village.

  •  Andon photo andon0039b.jpg

    10/10. Fountain in the center of Andon

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