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Alleins Photo Gallery

  •  Alleins photo alleins0016b.jpg

    1/18. Provencal colored walls and 16th-century fortified entrance to Alleins

  •  Alleins photo alleins0017b.jpg

    2/18. Alleins' 16th-century fortified entry and tower

  •  Alleins photo alleins0025b.jpg

    3/18. Medieval fortified entry gateway detail in Alleins

  •  Alleins photo alleins0026b.jpg

    4/18. Place de la République in Alleins, with a central fountain of kids

  •  Alleins photo alleins0028b.jpg

    5/18. Cobblestone-centered street into the fortified part of Alleins old village

  •  Alleins photo alleins0040b.jpg

    6/18. Alleins old-town houses with stone walls and Provencal colors

  •  Alleins photo alleins0041b.jpg

    7/18. Worn colored shutters in Alleins old town

  •  Alleins photo alleins0080b.jpg

    8/18. Alleins' Chapelle des Pénitents has an 17th-c facade

  •  Alleins photo alleins0078b.jpg

    9/18. Ancient town house with sundial, on Place Eugene Garcin in Alleins

  •  Alleins photo alleins0097b.jpg

    10/18. Ancient stone fountain, across from the main church in Alleins

  •  Alleins photo alleins0069b.jpg

    11/18. Entrance to the Castle area of Alleins - The monumental gateway in front; 17th-c elevator dome (left)

  •  Alleins photo alleins0070b.jpg

    12/18. Castle esplanade of Alleins, on the grounds of the chateau ruins above the village

  •  Alleins photo alleins0056b.jpg

    13/18. Panorama from the chateau hilltop of Alleins - Luberon mountains in the distance; Mérindol village across the Durance (left of center)

  •  Alleins photo alleins0053b.jpg

    14/18. 17th-century elevator tower at the chateau, and Alleins village roofs below

  •  Alleins photo alleins0068b.jpg

    15/18. Alleins parish church amidst the village roofs - Viewed from the chateau ruins

  •  Alleins photo alleins0098b.jpg

    16/18. Front of the Alleins parish church, enlarged in the 19th century

  •  Alleins photo alleins0110b.jpg

    17/18. Alleins blue shutters and ocre walls

  •  Alleins photo alleins0116b.jpg

    18/18. Lavoir of the Grande-Fontaine, early 20th century

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