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Alès Photo Gallery

  •  Alès photo ales0004b.jpg

    1/13. The old bridge (Pont Vieux) across the Gardon river at Alès

  •  Alès photo ales0082b.jpg

    2/13. Fountains and small park at the riverside edge of Alès

  •  Alès photo ales0058b.jpg

    3/13. The town hall (Mairie) of Alès, on Place de la Mairie

  •  Alès photo ales0067b.jpg

    4/13. A Medieval chapel in the heart of Alès is now the Office de Tourisme, complete with giant solar-energy panels

  •  Alès photo ales0021b.jpg

    5/13. Place Barbusse in Alès at the far end of Rue St-Vincent the Hermitage is visible on the far hilltop

  •  Alès photo ales0079b.jpg

    6/13. The Hermitage chapel on the hilltop overlooking Alès is the site of a prehistoric grotto and pre-Roman oppidum

  •  Alès photo ales0072b.jpg

    7/13. The Cathedral de Saint Jean-Baptiste was rebuilt in the 18th century on the site of the 10th century original

  •  Alès photo ales0070b.jpg

    8/13. The gilded campanile on top of the Saint Jean Cathedral in Alès

  •  Alès photo ales0086b.jpg

    9/13. Ancient doorway and steps on Rue Soubeyrannes, once leading up to the Vauban Fort of Alès

  •  Alès photo ales0097b.jpg

    10/13. Rebuilt rampart walls of the Vauban Fort in Alès

  •  Alès photo ales0009b.jpg

    11/13. A beach is set up beside the Gardon every summer in the town of Alès

  •  Alès photo ales0013b.jpg

    12/13. The Alès summertime beach has waterskiing, towed by a cable device across the river

  •  Alès photo pasteur-ales0003b.jpg

    13/13. Statue of Pasteur in Alès is one of only two in France

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