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Aiguines Photo Gallery

  •  Aiguines photo aiguines0020.jpg

    1/10. Chateau d'Aigines. Across the Lac de Saint Croix beyond the chateau is the high Plateau de Valensole, a land of lavender. Beside is the 17th-c St-Jean-de-Notre-Dame.

  •  Aiguines photo aiguines0027.jpg

    2/10. The village of Aiguines. The Chapelle St-Pierre is perched in the rocks just above the village. At the left end of the mountains behind is Moustiers-Ste-Marie, not quite visible.

  •  Aiguines photo aiguines0037.jpg

    3/10. The main squares of Aiguines. Place de la Fontaine in front and Place du Barda behind.

  •  Aiguines photo aiguines0005.jpg

    4/10. Aiguines' Place de la Fontaine, with fountain and bell tower. The bell is in the wrought-iron campanile at the top; the ancient sundial is the white square just below the clock.

  •  Aiguines photo aiguines0010.jpg

    5/10. Aiguines fountain close-up.

  •  Aiguines photo aiguines0001.jpg

    6/10. Village street and "santonnere" in Aiguines. This is the shop and atalier of a santon maker.

  •  Aiguines photo aiguines0015.jpg

    7/10. Aiguines museum entrance. We were amused when following the "musée" signs led us here. But you shouldn't judge a museum by its entrance.

  •  Aiguines photo aiguines0042.jpg

    8/10. Over the Aiguines village roofs to the lake. Viewed from the Chapelle St-Pierre, the chateau is at the left; the village of Les Salles-sur-Verdon is at the edge of Lac de Sainte Croix, at the right.

  •  Aiguines photo aiguines0046.jpg

    9/10. Over Aiguines' Chapelle St-Pierre to the lake.

  •  Aiguines photo aiguines00tiles.jpg

    10/10. Four colorful tiled roofs on the Aiguines chateau. These are three of the chateau's tower roofs, and a small tower located in the lower grounds of the chateau.

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