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A number of artists have ateliers and botiques in St-Laurent-le-Minier. When we visited (July 2014) they were in the midst of an event with open-house displays and sales, and a flea market in the main village square. Many of the small shops were decorated with strings of brightly painted tennis shoes, and the village streets were decorated with brightly painted shoe prints, leading to some of the boutiques.

St-Laurent-le-Minier Beach

Just 1 km below the village center, the little Crenze river flows into the Vis. The Vis river at this point has some "beaches" on both sides, flat areas with a mixture of sand and fine gravel, the sides exposed due to a low dam just upstream (to the south). With beaches rather rare out in this remote forested area, the St-Laurent-le-Minier beaches and swimming holes are very popular.

This is in no way a regulated beach, and there's no lifeguard or or other control to the activities here, but that hasn't diminished its popularity. One of the activities popular with the most daring is high diving (or high jumping) from the bridge crossing over the Vis river. The bridge is on the side road leading up to the village, and is single lane, so doesn't have very heavy traffic.

Nearby Sights

North less than a km from the St-Laurent-le-Minier bridge is a place called La Papeterie, where the ancient paper manufacturing was located.

A bit further north from La Papeterie, along the D25 towards Ganges, are some of the mines that were once so important for the local economy. There's nothing official to visit, but you can walk in and have of look at the mining areas.

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