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Duges chapel tower above some colorful

Saint Ambroix isn't particularly pretty, but there are some nice squares, and we liked the row of colorful houses along the Place de l'Esplanade, with the Medieval Duges tower on the hilltop behind.

Saturday flea market beneath the plane

On Tuesdays the Place de l'Esplanade is filled with an important market, serving the needs of the town and surrounding villages.

Ancient stone walls along a narrow

The Medieval spirit of St Ambroix can be felt in the narrow streets circling the base of the hill, between the town center and the old fortified hilltop site of Duges. These streets are a bit dingy and, by their very narrowness, don't get much light, but the streets are clean and they have the feeling of what the town was like a few hundred years ago.

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History of Saint Ambroix

Prehistoric: The Dugas rock was a protohistoric cult site, with signs of ritual human sacrifice.

Celto-Ligurian: Both Celtic and Roman artifacts have been discovered in St Ambroix, but we couldn't find any significant historical information about them.

Medieval: The Dugas hilltop was fortified in the Middle Ages

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Market day: Tue.

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