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There's no commerce of any kind, and especially not a café. There are just a few houses in the village and people obviously live there, but we didn't see anyone on our early-morning arrival.

The current village "center" is the site of the original Murat. The village church has a 15th-century bell. The church of Puycalvel, 2 km southeast, is 14th century.

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History of Lamothe-Cassel

The commune of Lamothe-Cassel was formed by joining the two previous communes of Murat and Puycalvel. In the 17th century, the lord of Puycalvel was Clermont de Toucheboeuf.


• GPS: 44.612226, 1.505796


IGN (1/25,000) #2138 OT "Cahors NE, Vallee Lot-Cele"

The petite randonnée (PR) hiking trail goes out of village along a forest path. The 3-hour loop hike follows paths, forest roads and country lanes, some hard surface, some not. There's lots of shade, very welcome in August.

Path-road often follows alongside small river-valleys: flat valleys used for hay, maybe 100m wide, with tiny stream down the center, and signs of the wet-weather banks along the wide, outer edges of the valleys.

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