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The tall, round clock tower in La Bruguière is 12th century, with a small campanile pretty-much hidden on the top, once guarded a feudal castle here.


We found tw very nice, covered lavoirs in La Bruguière, and one ancient open-air lavoir.

Inside of the La Bruguière covered

A nicely-restored, covered lavoir is located close to the center of the village, just south of the main village green (near the mairie) and opposite the wine cooperative.


The 19th-century "Longamon" lavoir is at the western edge of the village, on the road towards Frigoule. Just as you leave the village you'll pass a covered well set back on the right side of the road; this was the source for the lavoir. Then, along the left-hand side of the road is an aboveground canal made up of a series of narrow abreuvoirs (drink troughs) leading to the lavoir. The lavoir structure and interior are intact, but there's no longer any water, and it's becoming run-down inside.

Old covered well and open lavoir

A third village lavoir in La Bruguière is the Mas Mathon lavoir, just barely outside the village to the southwest. This is supposed to be a group of three elements, a covered well 7 meters deep, an abreuvoir (drinking trough) and a lavoir. The covered well is obvious, but we couldn't tell if the adjacent element was the avreuvoir or the lavoir.

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• GPS: 44.108604, 4.414937


IGN (1/25,000) #2940 OT "Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Pont-St-Exprit, Forets de Valbonne et"

"Garrigues et Concluses Autour de Lussan", map+info (1:30'000)

There are a few day-hike loops from La Bruguière village, all shown on the Garrigues et Concluses Autour de Lussan map. The parts nearest the village are more country-lane walks, but then get into the garrigue and woods further away.

These village (west to east) are connected by a series of short loop-hike trails, with about 3 km between each village: La Bruguière, Fontarèches, St Laurent-la-Vernède, La Bastide-d Engras, Pougnadoresse

• An 11-km loop north of the village begins westward on the road towards Frigoule (past the Longamon lavoir) and west through the woods to a spot called La Gare. The trail then goes north 1 km, turns east along the far side of the ridge and loops back to the hamlet of Le Moulin. From there it's just under 2 km southwest back to La Bruguière.

• A 7-11 km loop south departs the village south-southwest, pat the Mas Mathon and south into the low, wooded hills, then east to a site called Les Bois de La Bruguière and Le Pré du Baron. Then the trail returns north. When it nears the village, you can follow a road directly back (7 km option) or loop a bit eastward through Fontarèches (11 km option).

• A shorter, southwest loop (5 km, 1h50) is country lane and garrigue track, that's a good way to visit the Longamon lavoir (refer to our La Bruguière Hike Map).

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