Aups photo aups069s.jpg (11 k) This very pleasant small town is full of fountains, and has squares shaded with huge plane trees. The town forms an ampitheater walled by ramparts and crowned with the ruins of its feudal castle

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Dept: Var (83)

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The houses date back to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, and in their cluster you can find tiny streets, friendly cafés and plenty of shops. There's a square lookout tower (beffroi) and an 18th century clock tower topped by the iron-caged bell tower (in one on the attached photos, above). These wrought-iron belfries, called Campaniles de fer forgé, are one of the many wonderful sites of the Beyond region, and you could do a whole trip visiting just them.

La Chapelle Nôtre Dame de la Délivrance was built in 1852, on the ruins of a 12th-century chateau.

Update 2005

We originally put this Aups page online in Beyond in October 1995, one of our first Beyond villages. We've visited or passed through several times since then, but only took the time recently (autumn 2004, summer 2005) to take some more photos with better camera equipment.

We also took a leisurly second breakfast at on of the terrace cafés on the Place Général Girad, shaded by a gigantic plane tree, "tinkled" by the sound of the old stone fountain [ photo-6 ]; café au lait and a fougasse à l'huile d'olive-citron from a great bakery just up the street [ photo-7 ].


Fougasse - The Aups fougasse is a large, round, thin tarte made with olive oil and lemon, and has a distinct lemon smell and flavor.



First record, 11th century: Almis

Prehistoric: Natural iron deposits in the here made this an iron-age settlement, and bones have been found in the Plerimond caves, 8 km to the southeast.

Gallo-Roman: There was an oppidum (Roman fortified site), and there are Gallo-Roman vestiges at nearby Mousque, Plerimond and Raton.

Medieval: The area was ruled by the Seigneurie des Blacas. In 1574, the church was pillaged by the Huguenots, and in 1590 the Ligurians had their turn.

Office de Tourisme

Place Martin Bidouré

Tel : 0494 84 00 69; Fax: 04 94 84 00 69




Every Wed, Sat - Marché Provencal
Truffle market (Thur mornings, late Nov-Feb)
End Jan - Fete de la Truffe
Every Mar - Carnaval
2nd Sun May - Fête (Sunday before 12 May)
3rd Sun Aug - Fête (Sunday before 15 Aug)


Aups has the Musée Simon Segal art museum (paintings), housed in what must have been an old church. It's a really fine old building, on one of the streets in the center of town.


Olive Oil Mills

We have 2 olive oil mills listed for Aups (click).

Transportation Aups


The nearest international airports are Paris and Nice. Internal flights are available to Marseilles and Toulon-Hyères.


Mainline rail service, from Paris or Nice, is available to Les Arcs (station Draguignan-Les Arcs), Toulon and Brignols. The TGV from Paris also stops at Les Arcs. [map]

Car Rental.

the nearest car rental is in Draguignan




IGN (1/25,000) #3443 OT "Aups Salernes"

Didier Richard (1/50,000) #25 "Maures Haut-Pays Varois"

Didier Richard (1/50,000) #19 "Haute Provence Verdon"

The area around the village has many farms and vineyards, so cross-country hiking is limited.
A couple of trails follow the roads south and southeast out of the village and then go through lovely forests towards Salernes, Villacroze and Tourtour.
There are some nice loops hikes east of the village in the wooded Montagne des Espiguières, that get up to 834 m (and 880 m further east).

Northwest of Aups there are several forest roads in the beautiful La Colle and Les Cugulons hills (with forested peaks in the 800-950 m range). You can get to this area also by a trail that goes northwest from the D957 road 6 km north of Aups. This trail goes up the ridge of Les Cugulons about 6 km to where it joins the Grande Randonnée GR99, the trail that goes along the southern part of the Grand Canyon du Verdon.

International Camping - tel: (33) 494 70 06 80; fax: (33) 494 70 10 51; Apr-Sept
Les Prés - tel: (33) 494 70 00 93; permanent
St-Lazare - tel: (33) 494 70 12 86; Apr-Sept


There are several café-restaurants and a couple of pretty good hotel-restaurants. On a Sunday noon in early Feb (2002) the restaurants filled up fast, so either start early or phone ahead.

Lodging - Hotels