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The TGV Méditerranée line connects Paris with the South and the Southeast of France, serving Lyon, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence and Marseille. For the Mediterranean coast, the TGV travels at a slower speed for Toulon, Cannes and Nice. For the Southwest, the TGV also connects with Nimes, Montpellier, Béziers, Narbonne and Perpignan. This is an extension of the original TGV Sud-Est line that linked Paris and Lyon from September 1981.

TGV Atlantique connects Paris with the Britanny and the west of France. This line serves Le Mans, Tours, Nantes, Rennes, Qimper and Brest.

The TGV Nord-Europe line goes north from Paris to Lille and to the English-Channel coast at Dunkerque, Calais and Boulogne. The Lille TGV hub is a link to destinations in Belgium, The Netherlands and northern Germany.

The Eurostar train uses this line between Paris and London, via the Channel Tunnel.

The Thalys train links Paris and Brussels, in 1 hour 30 minutes.


[TGV-Paris Rail Map]

TGV-Med trains with separate schedules run between Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and the Mediterranian, and between Paris Gare de Lyon and the Mediterranian.

Paris Charles-de-Gaulle. Two trains a day depart Paris-CDG for Nice, stopping at Lyon, Valence-TGV, Avignon-TGV, Marseille, Toulon, St-Rapahel, Cananes, Antibes, Nice.
      Depart 6h56; Arrive 13h24 (total time 6h28)
      Depart 11h24; Arrive 17h39 (total time 6h15)
There are 7 trains a day from Paris-CDG to Montpellier; three of these continue on to Toulouse or Perpignan. Also from Paris-CDG there's an RER train that will take you into the center of Paris, to the Gare de Nord, where you can access the Paris Metro.

Paris Gare-de-Lyon. Five trains a day depart Paris-Gare-de-Lyon for Nice (more in the summertime). One of these stops at Lyon and Marseille; one stops at Avignon-TGV; one stops at Valence-TGV; two are non-stop to Cannes. All five stop at Cannes, Antibes, Nice.
      Depart 7h54; Arrive 13h57 (total time 6h03)
      Depart 9h34; Arrive 15h12 (total time 5h38)
      Depart 11h50; Arrive 17h26 (total time 5h36)
      Depart 13h50; Arrive 19h23 (total time 5h33)
      Depart 16h53; Arrive 22h32 (total time 5h39)
Gare de Lyon is in the 12th arrondisement, with a metro stop of the same name (line 1, RER-A, RER-D).

The Marne-le-Vallée TGV station is roughly 30 km east of the city, close to EuroDisney.

All schedule information is given as a guide only, and subject to change at the whim of the SNCF.


[Avignon page]

Now 2 hrs 38 min from Paris, the new Avignon TGV station (Gare TGV) is located at the southern edge of town, between the ring-road and the Durance river. It is in (longish, 3-km) walking distance, but there's a shuttle bus (navette) every 15 minutes. The TGV navette goes to/from the bus station (gare routiere), beside the main railway station, at the southern edge of the walled old-town.

The new Avignon TGV station is built in two parts, with an arrivals terminal to the north and a departure terminal to the south. The departure terminal has shops, restaurants, the Office de Tourisme and several car rental agencies.


[Aix-en-Provence page]

The Aix-en-Provence TGV station is a handy addition, because you now no longer have to travel from Paris to Marseille and then take another train back up to Aix. The Aix-en-Provence TGV station is about 10 km west of town. Shuttle buses (navettes) provide direct links to Aix-en-Provence center and to Marseille. There are also other buses, taxis and easy access to the A8 autoroute.

The new and very modern station (more like an airport) has shops, dining and several car rental agencies. The waiting room on the upper level is comfortable, and has a nice view of the Montagne Sainte-Victoire.


[Marseille page]

The Marseille TGV is at the good ol' Gare St. Charles, right in the town. Buses and taxis are available to get you to other parts of town, and there's a shuttle bus (navette) to the Marignane airport.

The station is being thouroughly modernized for the new TGV.

New Services

New services on the TGV Méditerranée line include:
  - Train + vélo on some [very few] trains, available via reservation.
  - Train + taxi, at Paris Gare de Lyon, Marseille, Lyon Part Dieu and Montpellier (from Autumn 2001)
  - Electrical outlets in 1st class on some trains
  - "réservation dans le sens de la marche" on some trains (your seat faces the front of the train)
  - Internet service "TGV Méditerranée en ligne" ( to relate your experience and make suggestions for improvement.


The TGV Eurostar line ( between Paris-Gare du Nord and Londres-Waterloo takes 3 hours. Some of the trains also stop at Lille Europe, Calais-Fréthun or Ashord International. In November 2007, with new tracks between the channel and London's new Saint Pancras station, London-Paris will be 2 hours 20 minutes, and London-Brussels under 2 hours.

Round-trip tickets London-Paris cost from about €220 round-trip mid-week to €450 full fare. London-Avignon is about €150 to €370 full fare.