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The France Rail'n Drive Pass gives you 2 days first-class unlimited train travel and 2 days of Avis car rental with unlimited mileage in France, all withing a 1-month period. The train travel days can be increased to a maximum of 5 days, and the car rental can be increased to extra days, all at extra cost.

You can visit other countries in the car, but it must be picked up in France, and dropped off in France at any of the 520 Avis rental locations.


  Number of Adults Additional
Car Day
Avis Car Category 1 2 3 4
Economy $265 $450 $635 $820 $39
Compact $285 $470 $655 $840 $49
Intermediate $305 $490 $675 $890 $55
Intermediate Automatic $320 $510 $695 $880 $72
Full Size $325 $520 $705 $890 $79
Luxury Automatic $385 $570 $755 $940 $99
Minivan $445 $612 $797 $982 $129
Additional Rail Day (max of 3) $30 $60 $90 $120  

These prices are approximate (May 2006). We've seen small variations in the prices from different providers.

Purchase your pass in North America before you leave for Europe. Purchase your France Rail'n Drive Pass from a Travel Agent or any of the Travel Providers available on-line. ProvenceBeyond does not sell the passes; we provide information only.

You must purchase any additional travel days (Additional Rail Day, Additional Car Day) at the same time you purchase your pass.

Passes can not be purchased or used by residents of a country for which the pass is valid. Residents of CIS, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia are not eligible to use Eurailpasses, Eurail France Railpasses or Selectpassses.

Validate your pass on or before your first day of use, and within 6 months from date of issue. To validate, present your passport and your pass to a railway official at the ticket window in the train station (not the conductor) before boarding a train, bus, boat, plane or renting a car for the first time.

The railway official will enter the first and last date of your travel period. Do not write on or fill in any part of your pass before it has been validated. All services (rail, rental car, air travel and travel bonuses) must be used within the time period validated on the railpass.

Seat Reservations. Reserve your seats when you know the dates of your rail travel. The pass allows the boarding the train, but does not guarantee you a seat. The pass includes the cost of the reservations. Reservations are required for all TGV trains in France.

Car Reservations must be made at least 7 days prior to your departure for Europe, but reserving earlier may give you a better choice. Arrange the drop-off conditions when you reserve. The phone number for Avis is 1-800-331-1084.