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Nice Airport Taxis

Prices and rules information are from the Aeroport Nice Cote-d'Azur website ( The information is provided here only for your convience; please connect directly to the Aeroport Nice Cote-d'Azur web for more complete information.

Hints (applicable anywhere in the world): For local trips, make sure you can see the taxi meter before you start (it should not be covered by the driver's coat). For longer trips, request the approximate price before you start, write it down, and show it to the driver (just to make sure there isn't a "misunderstanding" with the language).

Typical Taxi Fares from Nice Airport (in Euros €)

Prices from Apr 2005

Destination Day
Antibes 40-55 50-60
Beaulieu-sur-Mer 41-46 45-60
Cannes 60-65 65-80
Grasse 65-75 70-85
Auron, Isola, Valberg 157-175 170-190
Juan-les-Pins 45-50 50-60
Menton 70-85 80-90
Monte-Carlo 65-70 75-85
Mougins 55-60 60-70
Nice 20-25 23-28
Opio (Club Med) 60-65 70-75
San-Remo 125-150 160-170
St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat 42-50 50-60
St Raphael, Fréjus 110-150 130-165
St Tropez 220-250 230-260
Valbonne 50-55 60-65
Sophia-Antipolis 45-50 50-60
Vence 40-45 50-55

Rights of the Customer

• A taxi at the head of the taxi rank or stand with roof sign illuminated is considered available for service.
• Regulations specify that the first taxi in line takes the first customer in the order of arrival, any other choice being the exception and needing to be justified.
• A driver cannot refuse a customer even if the latter wishes to be driven to a destination within a radius of less than 40 km.
• The taximeter must be switched on at the beginning of the trip and must be visible during the entire run.
• The amount indicated on the meter should be paid at the end of the run including supplemental charges, if any (airport pickup, baggage, 4th person, tolls, animals except guide or seeing- eye dogs).
• The driver is obligated to provide the customer with a receipt for all trips equal to or above 15.24 € (100 francs).
The receipt must indicate:
 -  date and length of journey
 -  name and address of driver
 -  name of customer (optional)
 -  location of loading and unloading
 -  breakdown of trip costs (pickup and setting down times, meter reading, supplemental charges, if applicable)
 -  total amount due, both before taxes and including taxes
• Tips are optional and CANNOT BE DEMANDED.
• The driver must take the customer to the destination requested. The driver must help the customer get into and out of his vehicle, must load and unload luggage and show courtesy.
• The driver CANNOT REFUSE:
 -  the handicapped and their folding wheelchairs
 -  the blind and their guide dogs.

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