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Our friend Joel Stratte-McClure is an international reporter who's lived in the South of France and has written many stories about his travels and experiences in the area.

We've put seven of Joel's French-Riviera travel stories here on Beyond for your enjoyment.

• 1 - Get Thee to a Monastery

• 2 - A Search for the finest Skin Cream on the Riviera

• 3 - Picking Your Favorite Hideaway On The French Mediterranean Coast

• 4 - The Idiot and The Odyssey: Walking The Mediterranean

• 5 - Les Thermes de Monte-Carlo

• 6 - Finding Your Green Thumb On The Riviera

• 7 - Getting The Skinny On The Riviera's (And The World's) Largest Nudist Colony

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The Idiot and the Odyssey: Walking the Mediterranean
(Paperback) by Joel Stratte-McClure
"This is a wonderful story of a journey through a fascinating part of the world. I learned much about the parts lands that were new to me, and it gave me a new vision of the coast of France that I thought I knew so well." [by Beyond]