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Agde  -  Hérault (34300)

20 km southeast of Beziers; 25 km southwest of Sète.

Santons du Monde Museum - Musée Santons du Monde

  • A display of over 2000 santons of Provence, in a 17th-century building.
  • Location: 2 Ave de Vias (across from the Cathedral St-Etienne, on the banks of the Hérault)
  • Open: Daily, July-Aug: 10h-20h; Sept-June: 14h-18h30
  • Closed: January 1st
  • Entry: €5.70
  • Email:
  • Web:

Arles  -  Bouches-du-Rhône (13200)

Salon des Santonniers

  • The santons are exhibited in the large, ancient rooms in the ancinet cloister. The many santons on display include a huge Provencal scene with hundreds of amazing details and many other exhibits by some of the most famous santonniers of provence.
  • Location: Cloitre St-Trophime; Place de la République; (Beside the 17th-c Eglise St-Anne on the east side of the square)
  • GPS location: 43.676419, 4.627788
  • Open: Mid Nov to mid Jan (19 Nov - 15 Jan, 2016-17)
  • Entry: 4.50€ (2015)
  • A theme is presented every year from outside Provence. 2016-17 is Africa.

    Santons Arles 2015 photos

Aubagne  -  Bouches-du-Rhône (13400)

Daniel Coulomb Santon Workshop - L'Atelier des Santons

  • Daniel Coulombe is a master santon maker. He's been a santonnier in Aubagne for 20 years. This is more of a workshop than a museum, but his santons are on display.
  • Location: Les Fyols, ; Route de la Ciotat
  • Email:
  • Web:

Avignon  -  Vaucluse (84000)

Palais du Roure Creche

  • The Creche Mistraliene small but very authentic creche, with large santon figures depicting the village of Maillane, the natal home of Frédérique Mistral. The santons-creche is located in the ancient courtyard of the Palais du Roure in the heart of Avignon.
    The santon figurines were created by Père Michel Ciccullo, and purchased from him in the 1970's. (Now, Père Michel Ciccullo is a curé in the Valley of the Baux-de-Provence.) The Ciccullo santons were installed in the Palais du Roure creche by M. Moureau, who restored each figurine in loving and authentic detail.
  • Location: 3 Rue Collège du Roure, Avignon; near junction with Rue de la République
  • GPS location: 43.948536, 4.805570
  • Palais du Roure Creche photos

Santonnier J. Peyron

  • A workshop and boutique, rather than a museum, but with santons on display.
  • Location: Rue du Chateau, in the heart of the Medieval village.
  • Open: 7/7.
  • Web:

Santons Museum - Musée des Santons

  • This santon museum in the old village of Les Baux-de-Provence has several exhibits, including 17th and 18th century figurines.
  • Location: Place Louis Jou; just past the tourist office in the village
  • Open: Daily, all year
  • Entry: Free
  • Tel: 0490 543 439

Fontaine-de-Vaucluse  -  Vaucluse (84800)

Santon Museum - Le Musée du Santon

  • Over 2000 santons on display, in provencal villages, and 39 of them in walnut shells.
  • Location: Place de la colonne
  • Open: Daily, 10h-18h
  • Tel: 0490 202 083; Fax: 0490 22 36 62
  • Email:
  • Web:

Fontvieille  -  Bouches-du-Rhône (13990)

Fontvieille Santon Fair

  • Annual santon fair with displays by local Provencal santonieres. Santon figures and village sets for sale, and local products available.
  • Location: Salle Polyvalent; Chemin du Stade Municipal; 400 m SW of the center, out D17;
  • GPS location: 43.723269, 4.705240
  • Fontvieille Santons photos

Grignan  -  Drôme (26230)

Collegial Creche Grignan

  • A large santon creche layout is displayed in the 15th-century Collégial Saint-Sauveur in the center of Grignan village. The display is perhaps 10m wide, and depicts the village of Grignan, overlooked by the large Chateau de Grignan, and with nearby hills and streams teeming with Provencal life.
    A coin-operated timer (2€) starts the lights and some clockwork automations in a sequence that simulates the passage of a day and a night. It's not expensive to watch several sessions, since the visitors are eager to participate each time the sequence stops.
  • Location: Rue Saint Sauveur, Grignan village
  • GPS location: 44.418245, 4.908728

Village Miniature Grignan

  • The Village Provençal Miniture Grignan is an emense layout depicting a Provencal village modeled with santon characters, buildings and scenes. The layout extends along several aisles, with a surface of 400m2. There are over 70 buildings and 1000 characters, all finely detailed, down to the minute elements inside each lighted building.
    Every winter the Provencal santons share space with a collection of creche scenes from an invited international area. In 2015-16 the invitee santons were mainly from Africa, with some South American and Eastern European creches as well.
    It can easily take an hour to do a tour of the santons - not a long distance but a lot of detail. We doubled that, first examining the fabulous Provencal scenes, then repeating the route to concrentrate on the African creche scenes.
  • Location: La Tuilière - Route de Valréas - 26230 GRIGNAN; 1.2 km SE of Grignan village on the D541; (40 km north of Orange)
  • GPS location: 44.410784, 4.918001
  • Open: Jan - Mar: Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri; 14h-18h. Sat, Sun, Hol: 10h30-12h, 14h-18h 14 July - 31 Aug: 7 days, 10h-19h Apr - Sept: 7 days, 10h-12h, 14h-18h30
  • Web:
  • Grignan Santons Village Miniature (A)
    Grignan Santons Village Miniature (B)
    Santons Grignan International

Lucéram  -  Alpes-Maritimes (06440)

Lucéram Creches

  • Several hundred crèches (Nativity scenes) are presented in this Alpes-Maritimes village every winter. The famous event, is called the Circuit des Crèches. "Circuit" refers to the route visitors are invited to follow through the village streets to see most of the creches.
  • Location: Lucéram village, 25 km NNE of Nice
  • GPS location: 43.882691, 7.359132
  • Open: December, January
  • Entry: Free
  • Lots of activities in the village. Provencal products and lots to eat.
    Lucéram Creches Photo Gallery

Marseille  -  Bouches-du-Rhône (13000)

Marcel Carbonel Santons and Santon Museum

  • Marcel Carbonel's santon museum and boutique (number 49) is beside his workshop (number 47)
  • Location: 49 rue Neuve Ste.-Catherine,;
    1 block south of the south side of the Vieux Port; ground floor of an apartment block.
  • Open: Jan-Nov: Tue-Sat; Dec: Mon-Sat. Hours 10h-12h30, 14h30-18h30
  • Entry: Free
  • Tel: 0491 136 136, or 0491 915 658; Fax: 0491 548 942
  • Web:
  • Marcel Carbonel also has a boutique at Aubagne, 6 Promenade du jeune Anacharsis.

Santon Museum - Musée du santon

  • Location: 49, rue Neuve Sainte Catherine
  • Open: Mon-Sat 9h30-12h30, 14h-19h
  • Closed: Sundays
  • Entry: Free
  • Tel: 0491 136 136
  • Email:
  • Web:
  • The private collection of the famious "santonnier" Marcel Carbonel.

Maussane-lès-Alpilles  -  Bouches-du-Rhône (13520)

La Petite Provence du Paradou

  • This museum has a very large Provencal village depicted with about 400 santons, all with amazing detail, and all at the relatively large scale of 1/6th. Village settings, buildings and figures are all presented in authentic detail, including lighted interiors.
  • Location: 75, avenue de la Vallée des Baux; 13520 Le Paradou; 2 km west of Maussane-les-Alpilles, 400 m west of Paradou village
  • GPS location: 43.721142, 4.776592
  • Open: Jan-May, Oct-Nov: 10h-12h30, 14h-18h/18h30 June-Sept: 10h-19h
  • Entry: 8.50€
  • Tel: 0490 543 575
  • Web:
  • Santons Paradou

Pierrefeu-du-Var  -  Var (83390)

Chateau de l'Aumerade Santon Museum - Musée du Santon Santon

  • Chateau de l'Aumerade winery has a Santon Museum with 1800 santons, a private collection of M. Henri Fabre, the owner of the Chateau.
  • Location: Route de Puget-Ville
  • Open: All year, 8h30-12h30, 13h30-17h30 (winter), -18h00 summer, -19h00 July-Aug.
  • Tel: 0494 282 031
  • Web:

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