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Oil Process Photo Gallery

  •  Oil Process photo callasmill0015b.jpg

    1/8. Black and green olives just arrived at the Mill.

  •  Oil Process photo callasmill0017b.jpg

    2/8. Black and red olives just arrived at the Mill.

  •  Oil Process photo callasmill0021b.jpg

    3/8. Olives tipping into the cleaner (Moulin de Callas). Leaves and twigs are removed at this first stage.

  •  Oil Process photo callasmill0024b.jpg

    4/8. Olives exiting the cleaner (Moulin de Callas). The blue conveyer at the right takes them up into the milling/grinding machine inside the building.

  •  Oil Process photo callasmill0010b.jpg

    5/8. Modern olive-oil-mill machinery in a small mill (Moulin de Callas). The milling/grinding machine is at the far right; the mixing machine in the center; the liquid-solid separator at the far left.

  •  Oil Process photo callasmill0025b.jpg

    6/8. The oilive-oil mixing machine (Moulin de Callas).

  •  Oil Process photo callasmill0029b.jpg

    7/8. The final olive-oil filtering stage (Moulin de Callas).

  •  Oil Process photo callasmill0035b.jpg

    8/8. The solid-separated dregs being loaded into trailers. This will be recycled back onto grove.

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