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GR52 Menton Photo Gallery

  •  GR52 Menton photo gr52menton0042b.jpg

    1/7. Castallar village on the GR51 hiking route

  •  GR52 Menton photo gr52menton0008b.jpg

    2/7. Menton - Garavan railway station

  •  GR52 Menton photo gr52menton0001b.jpg

    3/7. Southern end of GR52 - Begins through this tunnel on Ave Katherine Mansfield. At the other end, turn left then right up the steps (Raccourci des Colombières).

  •  GR52 Menton photo gr52menton0004b.jpg

    4/7. The GR52 crossing Boulevard de Garavan - (still just a few minutes from the Menton-Garavan railway station), up the steps on the far side, and keep going up)

  •  GR52 Menton photo gr52menton0032b.jpg

    5/7. GR52 Plan du Lion, 720 m vertical above Menton

  •  GR52 Menton photo gr52menton0037b.jpg

    6/7. Golden eagle soaring high above on the GR52 hike north of Menton

  •  GR52 Menton photo gr52menton0035b.jpg

    7/7. GR52 junction with the GR51 trail, 2 hours north of Menton

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