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GR51 Menton Photo Gallery

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr52menton0035b.jpg

    1/15. GR52 junction with the GR51 trail, 2 hours north of Menton

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51castellar0001b.jpg

    2/15. Castellar village, north end. GR 52 arrives here. The GR 52 for Monti and Ste-Agnes is up the street, just past the small building at the right.

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51castellar0003b.jpg

    3/15. GR51 start at Castellar (1)

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51castellar0004b.jpg

    4/15. GR51 start at Castellar (2)

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51castellar0023b.jpg

    5/15. First view of Monti village from the GR51

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51castellar0033b.jpg

    6/15. Small bridge for the GR51 approaching Monti

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51castellar0043b.jpg

    7/15. The village church of Monti

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51monti0001b.jpg

    8/15. GR 51 trail exiting Monti.

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51monti0016b.jpg

    9/15. View of mountain hiding Ste Agnes.

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51monti0043b.jpg

    10/15. Fellow travellers on the GR51 at La Virette

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51monti0071b.jpg

    11/15. Chapel below Sainte Agnes

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51steagnes0026b.jpg

    12/15. Water fountain and trail/road junction below Sainte Agnes

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51steagnes0001b.jpg

    13/15. GR51 departing Sainte Agnes for Gorbio

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51steagnes0033b.jpg

    14/15. GR51 trail donkey-road trail south from Ste Agnes

  •  GR51 Menton photo gr51steagnes0051b.jpg

    15/15. GR51 trail arriving near Gorbio, from Ste Agnes - Left across the stone bridge for Gorbio. Straight ahead is the PR trail to Gorbio via Bausson

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