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GR51 Gorbio Photo Gallery

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo gr51gorbio0001b.jpg

    1/13. GR51 exit from Gorbio, westbound - Village parking is above this stone wall; village center is behind, to the left

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo gr51gorbio0011b.jpg

    2/13. GR51 Col de la Coupière, half-hour west of Gorbio

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo gr51gorbio0021b.jpg

    3/13. GR51 water source on north slope of Mont Gros

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo gr51gorbio0031b.jpg

    4/13. Foggy panorama from Mont Gros slope, GR51 trail

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo gr51gorbio0034b.jpg

    5/13. Mont Gros GR51 junction - A short (5-minute) trail to the left goes up to the summit

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo gr51gorbio0041b.jpg

    6/13. GR51 Col de Mont Gros - The pass, 10 minutes northwest of the peak

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo gr51gorbio0062b.jpg

    7/13. GR51 off the road and into the woods - 20 minutes of a forest trail going down to Col de Guerre

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo gr51gorbio0064b.jpg

    8/13. Foggy view of La Turbie from the GR51 - From the forest trail there's a great view of la Turbie and of Monaco, with a bit less fog than we had

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo gr51gorbio0074b.jpg

    9/13. Col de Guerre junction of GR51 and road

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo gr51gorbio0090b.jpg

    10/13. GR51 back onto the road at La Gorra

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo gr51gorbio0109b.jpg

    11/13. GR51 junction with PR trail to Laghet Sanctuaire

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo laghet0001b.jpg

    12/13. PR trail south towards Laghet

  •  GR51 Gorbio photo laghet0004b.jpg

    13/13. PR trail steps down to Laghet hamlet, the convent/sanctuary behind

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