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Cap Roux Hike Photo Gallery

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0101b.jpg

    1/14. Start and finish of the Cap Roux Hike - Looking back at our departure point. The Rocher de St-Barthélemy is at the upper-right.

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0008b.jpg

    2/14. The first part of the "trail" of the Cap Roux hike is this paved road.

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0010b.jpg

    3/14. View west of the nearby coast, past the Rocher de St-Barthélemy, on the Cap Roux hike.

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0042b.jpg

    4/14. Longer view west of the Mediterranean coast towards St Tropez

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0041b.jpg

    5/14. St Pilon peak on the Cap Roux hike

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0048b.jpg

    6/14. Pointe du Cap Roux and the morning sun on the Mediterranean

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0050b.jpg

    7/14. North across the Esterel, the bay of Cannes in the distance, and snow-clad mountains behind - Pic de l'Ours (Bear Peak) with the white tower at the left

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0063b.jpg

    8/14. Walled doorway to the Sainte-Baume Grotto

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0074b.jpg

    9/14. Sharp suit and high heels on a rocky trail, Cap Roux hike

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0070b.jpg

    10/14. Sainte-Baume Grotto of Saint Honoratus, Cap Roux hike

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0068b.jpg

    11/14. Inside the chapel of the Sainte-Baume Grotto of Saint Honoratus

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0077b.jpg

    12/14. Looking north through the wall doorway, Cap Roux hike - Past the Pic d'Aurelle towards the bay of Cannes

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo caprouxhike0090b.jpg

    13/14. Cap Roux hike trail back down to the Rocher de St-Barthélemy

  •  Cap Roux Hike photo lavendertrue0004b.jpg

    14/14. French Lavender (Lavendula steochas), everywhere on the Cap Roux hike

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