Taulanne Clue photo taulanne01.jpg (8 k) This is a beautiful, steep-sided canyon winds down from the Col des Leques, just west of Castellane on the Route Napoleon. The road runs along the side, at one point passing through a needle-eye hole in the rock wall (called Clue de la Roche Perchée).

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Nearby: | Barrême 8 km | Blieux 8 km | Castellane 13 km | Digne-les-Bains 38 km | Leques Pass 3 km | Route Napoléon | Senez 10 km |

Our photo (left) is looking north, where the Route Napoléon runs towards Barrème (8 km) and on to Digne (38 km). Back to the south 3 km is the Col des Leques (mountain pass), with hiking trails, and then the town of Castellane (19 km).

A fast-running stream flows down the bottom of the canyon, with small waterfalls and pools. Photos 4 through 8 show different waterfalls (cascades) and pools in the canyon, and how enjoyable they can be in the summer.


Photo 2 and photos 4 through 8 were contributed by Bas Bruning from Holland.