Sillans-la-Cascade Falls photo sillansfalls0013s.jpg (7 k) The Sillans-la-Cascade cascade is a 42-metre high waterfall on the Bresque river, in the woods south of Sillans-la-Cascade village.

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This part of the river valley has tall "tuff" cliffs along one side, and the river winds down through the thickly forested valley.

The most direct route out to the falls is the walking path that begins across the road from the Sillans-la-Cascade chateau. It's about 1000 m down the path to the area of the falls, and then a trail zig-zags down the southern slope of the valley, facing the falls on the opposite cliff.

There's a large pool at the very base of the falls, and other pools where the river twists and turns beneath the low-hanging trees. The cascade is a popular place on hot summer days, with the nice shade and the cool pools. The situation isn't particularly safe, though, so young children shouldn't be there unsupervised.

In fact, the last time we were there (December 2007) there were "Warning - No Entry" signs posted. Largely ignored, of course, but still, an indication that safety could be questionable here.

The ruins of an ancient mill are located in the bushes alongside the path leading from the village down to the falls.

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