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The Lac de Serre-Ponçon, fed by the Durance and Ubaye rivers, is the largest artificial lake in Europe. This beautiful blue jewel of water sits beneath the mountains of the Hautes Alpes and the northern edge of the Alpes de Haute Provence.

The lake was formed by the Barrage (dam) de Serre-Ponçon that was built across the Durance just below where the Ubaye joined from the southeast. The 123m-high dam was started in 1955, built from an alluvial clay soil from the bed of the Durance.

The village of Savines-le-Lac, located on the southern shore beside the bridge, is a reconstruction of the old village of Savines that now lies flooded beneath the lake. The little Chapelle Saint-Michel, that once stood on the top of a hill, is now a picturesque little island in the lake (photo).

Getting There

Fun - Amusement - Kids

Parc Animalier (a children's zoo-park) on the road on a hillside beside the lake.




Sailing, Windsurfing

Water Skiing



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