Notre-Dame-Roquebrussanne photo roquebrussanne-chapel0017s.jpg (13 k) The Medieval Chapelle Notre-Dame d'Inspiration sits on the hilltop site of the original Oppidum and castle of Roquebrussanne.

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The walk up from the village center takes about a half an hour, following a steep winding road for the first part and then the original Medieval paved route to the top. You can drive up to the top of the village to cut the walking in half.

The upper half is part of the original pilgrimage route, passing 7 oratories along the way. This is a lovely walk through the trees, nice even without the old chapel at the end.

The chapel sits on a flat terrace-like area with a great view out over the plains below [Photo-02].

Arcing around one side of the flat area is a series of stone terraces, very much like an amphitheater [Photo-03], leading to the top of the hill where the original oppidum and succeeding castle once stood. The top now hosts what seems to be the remains of a watch tower at one end, and the remaining walls of the castle at the other.

The old fortified village that once stood here was called Castrum de Rocca. When a certain M. Brussan took possession, he named the castle and village Roquebrussanne.

The amphitheater was built in the 18th century by an old hermit named Bormes, using stones from the castle.

Notre-Dame d'Inspiration Chapel served as the Roquebrussanne parish church until 1430.



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