Gastée Dolmen photo gastee-dolmen0022s.jpg (11.288 k) A nice dolmen in a small clearing in the woods east of Cabasse village.

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This dolmen is located in the wooded hills about 2 km east of Cabasse (43°25 30 N 06°14 38 E / 43.425, 6.24389). It's an hour's walk out from the village, mostly via forestry roads; you can drive out part way, but parking is difficult and it only saves a few minutes.

Walking Route: exit Cabasse across the bridge at the east end of the village and turn left and follow the road northeast, direction Chateau Requier". About 700 m (15 minutes), take the paved forestry road branching to the right, marked "Le Gastet" on a fire service sign (no vehicules allowed). After another 15-20 minutes, and an uphill straight, the rough pavement ends. Continue along the stone-dirt forestry road, across a vineyard, and on into the woods. Just past the vineyard, a couple of Dolmen-symbols indicate the way, including a lefthand branch. The La Gasté dolmen is to the left of the dirt forestry road, 10 minutes past the lefthand branch.



IGN (1/25,000) #3444 OT "Brignoles Le Luc"