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The Dolmen de la Bouissière (43°25 21 N 06°13 35 E / 43.4225, 6.22639) is small and has no raised cap-stone. It's located in thick woods with no obvious trails and no markings. We found it using map, compass (mostly the sun) and luck. A GPS unit would help.

Walking Route: after visiting the Gastée Dolmen, walk back to the branch junction (10 minutes) and turn left (south). Follow the forestry road southwest, until it comes out in the northeast corner of a vineyard. Cross the right-hand side of the vineyard, west-southwest. Continue on into the woods as best you can and track down the Boussière Dolmen.

Afterwards, we exited by continuing through the woods to the west. We strongly urge you to return east the way you entered the woods and follow the forestry roads back the way you came.

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