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 Borie Caussols BBB photo borie-caussols-bb0005s.jpg (11 k) [area map] - This Plateau de Caussols borie, in very good shape, has an attached stone enclosure, partially tumbled down. It's located in an open clearing of a forested area.

Borie Caussols CCC [area map] - This topless borie and an adjacent stone structure sits at the south side of the Chemin des Claps, the small road that runs along the south side of the Plateau de Caussols.

Borie Caussols Homestead [area map] - This very nice double borie, one the southeastern part of the Plateau de Caussols, is on private property.

 Borie Caussols Maubert photo borie-caussols-maubert0008s.jpg (11 k) [area map] - A very nicely shaped borie on the Plateau de Caussols, on an open ridge with a lovely backdrop of low hills and rocky fields.

Borie Caussols Negre [area map] - This single-dome borie is in pretty good condition, sitting in a lightly wooded area along the southern part of the Plateau de Caussols.


An excellent book (in French) about the Provence bories, with photos, maps and architectural drawings is:

Parc Natural Régional du Luberon
Edisud (publisher)
ISBN 2-85744-720-5

For ordering the book, try contacting one of the Luberon organizations.

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