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Negre Borie, Caussols Plateau

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This single-dome borie is in pretty good condition, sitting in a lightly wooded area along the southern part of the Plateau de Caussols.

We visited this one in April, 2011 on a country walk from the village of Caussols. Going east from the village, we followed a petite randonée trail, turning right at the second small road going south (marked dead-end) from the main road. The yellow-marked PR trail follows this road a few hundred meters, turns east a bit, then goes south up to the top of the ridge. We headed back west along the ridge (no trail, but following the clearings) until we found the borie.

The location of the borie is just past the southern end of the dead-end road we first started on. To return along the small road back to Caussols, two or three properties at the end of the road need to be navigated around.


• GPS: 43.734873, 6.908209


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