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Maubert Borie, Caussols Plateau

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A very nicely shaped borie on the Plateau de Caussols, on an open ridge with a lovely backdrop of low hills and rocky fields.

We found this lovely borie while walking along the small road that loops around the south edge of the Plateau de Caussols, back in 1995 and at the beginning of Beyond. In fact, this was the summer before we had the idea of creating a website about the "back country" of the Côte d'Azur.

Like the other bories in our photographic collection, the name is something we've assigned ourselves. The rocky terrain of the Caussols Plateau and the nearby Calern Plateau (and many other areas of Beyond's Provence) is dotted with these stone-hut bories. And it's difficult to tell them apart while talking about them without assigning some sort of label.


• GPS: 43.731773, 6.931370


IGN (1/25,000) #3643 ET "Cannes, Grasse, Côte d'Azur"

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