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Pit-Top Borie Calern

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Nicely shaped borie in good condition, sitting above a spectacular deep pit crossed by a narrow rocky land-bride on the Plateau de Calern.

Viewed from a distance, this simply a nice looking borie on the rocky Calern Plateau. Approaching a bit closer from the northwest (say arriving from the LaBaume-Topless Borie), a bit of a ridge appears before the borie. Only when you get very close is the pit revealed.

At a location called La Baume on the IGN map, 1.3 km northwest of the the CERGA observatory moon laser, is this natural pit, about 30-40 m deep and undercut beneath the horizontally layered sides. A narrow bridge of the natural rock crosses over the top of the pit, giving it the effect of a double pit.

Pit-Top borie is nice enough to warrant a short hike to visit, but the La Baume pit adds another dimension to the attraction. We had to imagine that any shepherd staying the night here didn't take any nighttime strolls without the aid of a full moon.


• GPS: 43.76176, 6.90801


IGN (1/25,000) #3643 ET "Cannes, Grasse, Côte d'Azur"

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