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Notchside Borie Calern

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"Notchside" borie has an interesting configuration, sitting sideways at the top of a narrow enclosure built into a natural "notch" of the rocks at the edge of a teardrop shaped doline.

Borie Notchside is located another 300 m northwest of the CergaNW borie, about 600 m northwest of the CERGA Observatory moon laser dome.

Looking north across this part of the Plateau de Calern, this borie is built into the rocky ridge along the north side of a grassy doline. Low stone walls were used to enhance a natural notch in the ridge to build an animal enclosure. The borie is at the top, with the entrance sideways to the upper end of the enclosure.

Some of the exterior stones at the front have been knocked down, and the top of the dome is open to the elements, but the borie is otherwise entact.


• GPS: 43.757525, 6.91603


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