Allos Lake photo alloslake2445049s.jpg (7 k) The Lac d'Allos is located about 12 km northeast of Allos village, up the little D226 road (direction Villard). At the end of the road, which is inside the Parc de Mercantour, you park and hike in for 30 minutes on a good wide trail.

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Nearby: | Allos village, skiing 12 km | Annot 65 km | Barcelonnette 48 km | Colmars 20 km | Saint André-les-Alpes 48 km |

On weekends during the summer, the trail is full of people of all kinds, from elderly couples and families in street shoes out for a stroll to the lake, to serious hikers heading into the hills beyond the lake.



IGN (1/25,000) #3540 O "Allos"

IGN (1/25,000) #3540 ET "Haute Vallée du Var, Gorges de Daluis, Mercantour"

Didier Richard (1/50,000) #1 "Alpes de Provence"

There's a lot of good hiking in the mountains around the lake.
• From the village of Allos, the hike to the lake is 3h30, with 900 m vertical ascent. It's not difficult, but it's steady up-hill all the way.
• If you drive the 12 km from Allos village to the parking at the Maison Forestièr du Laus, you can hike to the lake (30 minutes) or into the mountains north and east of the lake.
• A 4-5 hour loop from the Laus parking (2133 m) will take you to the Lac de la Petite Cayolle (2688 m), Lac des Garets (2621 m), Lac d'Allos (2250 m) and back to the parking. You can extend this for a full day's hike with a larger loop, from the Col de la Petite Cayolle (2639 m) out to the Col de la Cayolle (2326 m) and back via the Pas du Lausson.
• An interesting out-and-back hike goes from the parking or the lake, north to the peak of Mont Pelat (3050 m), the highest peak in the Upper Verdon valley. It's 6 hours round-trip from the parking, with 850 m vertical.
• There's also a good hiking trail from Colmars (1250 m) to the Lac d'Allos (2250 m), but it's out-and-back.


The Chalet Refuge du Lac d'Allos has a bar-restaurant (open 1 July to 20 Sept), and a large wooden terrace café overlooking the lake that's just beside.