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Turtle Village Photo Gallery

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevlginfo0003.jpg

    1/14. Turtle town layout.

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevillage0003.jpg

    2/14. Travelling turtle. Possibly a Russian Tortoise (Testudo horsfieldii).

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevillage0002.jpg

    3/14. The turtle's pretty house.

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevillage0022.jpg

    4/14. Madagascar's starred beauty.

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevillage0052.jpg

    5/14. Madagascar stars from the top.

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevillage0017.jpg

    6/14. A quartet of pond terripins. Trying to coax the other three to 'come on in'?

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevillage0042.jpg

    7/14. A pond terripin or a leopard turtle?

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevillage0029.jpg

    8/14. A healthy sized snapping turtle. Looking a lot more ferocious than the little guys from the store.

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevlginfo0021.jpg

    9/14. Seychelles islands Elephantine Tortoise. The Disochelys elephantina in a bronze life-sized form.

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevillage0057.jpg

    10/14. An African spurred tortoise. The Centrochelys sulcata is the largest land turtle in the world, reaching 100 kg.

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevillage0063.jpg

    11/14. Dining properly from the dish. These little guys were behind glass, at eye level.

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevlginfo0066.jpg

    12/14. Entrance to the Village's 'Time-Travel' area.

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevlginfo0064.jpg

    13/14. The 210-million-year-old Proganochelys. Considered as a fresh-water turtle, with its ribs integrated with the carapace and shoulder blades inside the bone box. It ossification was so complete that its neck, tail and legs were discovered in 1884 in Tubingen, Germany.

  •  Turtle Village photo turtlevlginfo0095.jpg

    14/14. Open-air audio-visual theatre.

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