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Taulanne Clue Photo Gallery

  •  Taulanne Clue photo taulanneHole.jpg

    1/8. Clue de Taulanne road north. The road north passes through this hole in the rock.

  •  Taulanne Clue photo taulannebas12.jpg

    2/8. Clue de Taulanne & tunnel. (at the upper right)

  •  Taulanne Clue photo taulanneVal2.jpg

    3/8. Stream and pools. In the valley just below the road, the stream is small in the summer, leaving nice pools.

  •  Taulanne Clue photo taulannebas03.jpg

    4/8. River and pools. Swimming in paradise. The 3 cool people in this cascade pool are Olivier, Monia and Bas.

  •  Taulanne Clue photo taulannebas02.jpg

    5/8. Small but lovely waterfall.

  •  Taulanne Clue photo taulannebas04.jpg

    6/8. Another cascade pool.

  •  Taulanne Clue photo taulannebas05.jpg

    7/8. A third cascade pool.

  •  Taulanne Clue photo taulannebas07.jpg

    8/8. A forth cascade-pool: - and three happy swimmers: Bas, Alexis and Olivier.

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