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Serre-Ponçon Lake Photo Gallery

  •  Serre-Ponçon Lake photo serre-poncon0026b.jpg

    1/12. Lac Serre-Ponçon towards the southwest, with Chapelle Saint-Michel on its wee island

  •  Serre-Ponçon Lake photo serre-poncon0032b.jpg

    2/12. Lac Serre-Ponçon and the Chapelle Saint-Michel; the barrage (dam) at the far side

  •  Serre-Ponçon Lake photo serre-poncon0034b.jpg

    3/12. Chapelle Saint-Michel in Lac Serre-Ponçon, viewed from the campsite Lou Roustou

  •  Serre-Ponçon Lake photo serre-poncon0036b.jpg

    4/12. Chapelle Saint-Michel in the morning sun on Lac Serre-Ponçon

  •  Serre-Ponçon Lake photo serre-poncon0011b.jpg

    5/12. Early morning water skier past Chapelle Saint-Michel on Lac Serre-Ponçon

  •  Serre-Ponçon Lake photo serre-poncon003b.jpg

    6/12. Pont de Savines bridge crossing Serre-Ponçon lake

  •  Serre-Ponçon Lake photo serre-poncon0004b.jpg

    7/12. Small marina at Plage Pommiers on the northwest side of Lac Serre-Ponçon

  •  Serre-Ponçon Lake photo serre-poncon0038b.jpg

    8/12. The south (Ubaye) branch of Lac Serre-Ponçon viewed from Le Sauze-du-Lac village

  •  Serre-Ponçon Lake photo serre-poncon0045b.jpg

    9/12. South part of Serre-Ponçon lake, with the Ubaye entering from the left

  •  Serre-Ponçon Lake photo serre-poncon0052b.jpg

    10/12. Zoom to the barrage (dam) of Lac Serre-Ponçon, with a canal going down the Durance valley

  •  Serre-Ponçon Lake photo serre-poncon0057b.jpg

    11/12. Lac Serre-Ponçon from near Savines-le-Lac

  •  Serre-Ponçon Lake photo serre-poncon0064b.jpg

    12/12. Windsurfers on Lac Serre-Ponçon near Savines-le-Lac

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