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Ratapignata Pyramid Photo Gallery

  •  Ratapignata Pyramid photo pyramidratap095b.jpg

    1/4. Ratapignata pyramid from below. With Patrick peering into the opening of the grotto.

  •  Ratapignata Pyramid photo pyramidratap0001b.jpg

    2/4. The pyramid, with visitors "spiritcyclists". Willow, Beckey and Bill hiked in from another continent.

  •  Ratapignata Pyramid photo niceaspremon0017b.jpg

    3/4. Aire de St Michel. North side of the junction. The road from Falicon is at the right. The road up to La Vallièra park goes up the hill at the left.

  •  Ratapignata Pyramid photo niceaspremon0031b.jpg

    4/4. Ruins of the stone house in the trees. The GR trail goes around the house at the left. Just past the ruins, the small (non-GR) path goes off to the right.

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