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Plaines Roman Bridge Photo Gallery

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0021b.jpg

    1/13. Les Plains Roman Bridge.

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0002b.jpg

    2/13. Les Plains Roman Bridge location. Standing near the Roman bridge you're looking west at the road junction, with the D558 (St Tropez road) at the left, and the D48 road bridge at the right.

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0008b.jpg

    3/13. Rocky terrain and Roman bridge. Looking east, the Roman bridge is at the right.

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0009b.jpg

    4/13. Roman bridge between the rocks and the vineyards.

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0010b.jpg

    5/13. A closer view of the Les Plains Roman Bridge, north side.

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0014b.jpg

    6/13. Les Plains Roman Bridge south side, lighted by the morning sun.

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0024b.jpg

    7/13. Les Plains Roman Bridge south side, from the west side of the little river.

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0029b.jpg

    8/13. View across the top of Les Plains Roman Bridge, looking west.

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0033b.jpg

    9/13. Roman road onto the Roman bridge. The old road comes from the left and the edge of the rock and turns left onto the bridge.

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0042b.jpg

    10/13. Roman road onto the Roman bridge. Here you can see the narrow ditch (mostly filled by dirt and grass) along the right edge of the road.

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0040b.jpg

    11/13. Roman road ditch detail. Looking north, just where the old road turns onto the bridge. In the background is the modern stone bridge for the D48 road (with cyclist).

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0035b.jpg

    12/13. Stone ditch along the Roman road. Looking south (away from the bridge). At the far right corner of the photo, the road turns sharp left (east) and crosses over the hill.

  •  Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0043b.jpg

    13/13. Southern bend of the Roman road. The road turns right here, on the raised earth between the two largest trees/bushes. That's the D48 road bridge visible at the right.

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