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Murs Pass Photo Gallery

  •  Murs Pass photo murs-pass0002b.jpg

    1/6. The road seems wide and flat going across the Col de Murs and 627m altitude

  •  Murs Pass photo murs-pass0007b.jpg

    2/6. A favorite route for cyclists, here crossing by the Col de Murs sign

  •  Murs Pass photo murs-pass0020b.jpg

    3/6. A solo cyclist here climbing towards the Col de Murs from the north

  •  Murs Pass photo murs-pass0023b.jpg

    4/6. Picnic areas are located in several spots near the Col de Murs, this one with decaying wooden tables (2017)

  •  Murs Pass photo murs-pass0005b.jpg

    6/6. Several hiking trails pass by the Col de Murs, this one indicates only 9.5 km to Gordes

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