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Lérins Abbey Photo Gallery

  •  Lérins Abbey photo lerins-abbey0006b.jpg

    1/7. Lerins Abbey, now the St Honorat Monastery

  •  Lérins Abbey photo lerins-abbey0010b.jpg

    2/7. St Honorat Monastery (ex Lerins Abbey) and lavender field

  •  Lérins Abbey photo lerins-abbey0030b.jpg

    3/7. St Honorat Monastery entry.

  •  Lérins Abbey photo lerins-abbey0027b.jpg

    4/7. St Honorat Monastery (ex Lerins Abbey) entry alley

  •  Lérins Abbey photo lerins-abbey0026b.jpg

    5/7. St Honorat Monastery interior walkway.

  •  Lérins Abbey photo lerins-abbey0035b.jpg

    6/7. St Honorat Monastery with monk and lavender

  •  Lérins Abbey photo sthonoratfort0012b.jpg

    7/7. Old fortified monastery on Saint Honorat Island. Safe haven from the Saracens and pirates, on the south side of the island.

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