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Cesars Camp Laudun Photo Gallery

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0056b.jpg

    1/13. Ruins of the fortified entry of the Gallo-Roman Camp-de-César near Laudun-l'Ardoise

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0002b.jpg

    2/13. Parking area for Camp-de-César site near Laudun-l'Ardoise - The trail up to the oppidum is straight ahead in this photo, with a return trail from the left

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0007b.jpg

    3/13. Camp-de-César panel depicting life at the oppidum during Roman times

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0029b.jpg

    4/13. Gallo-Roman ruins at Camp-de-César looking east to west across the front of the site

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0030b.jpg

    5/13. Gallo-Roman ruins at Camp-de-César looking north; the Basilique foundation at the very top, left of the tree

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0031b.jpg

    6/13. Gallo-Roman ruins with the old fortified entry tower at Camp-de-César

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0037b.jpg

    7/13. The Roman Basilic at the Camp-de-César site, near Laudun-l'Ardoise

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0044b.jpg

    8/13. Gallo-Roman ruins at Camp-de-César looking south past the edge of the hilltop

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0014b.jpg

    9/13. A slice of the view from the top of Camp-de-César; at the far left the Cèze river nearing the Rhône

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0052b.jpg

    10/13. Roman Praefectus Annonae statue at Camp-de-César, an imperial magistrate in charge of wheat trading

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0011b.jpg

    11/13. Camp-de-César statue of a Roman Praetor, a magistrate for the Roman tribunal

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0060b.jpg

    12/13. Statue of Sucellus, a Gaulois god, protector of the shepherds flock

  •  Cesars Camp Laudun photo cesars-camp0008b.jpg

    13/13. Hiking signpost a the bottom of the Camp-de-César oppidum site - It shows 11 trail destination, most within an hour's hike

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