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Borie Calern Loop Photo Gallery

  •  Borie Calern Loop photo borie-calern-loop0010b.jpg

    1/7. Calern's Loop borie, with passing hiker

  •  Borie Calern Loop photo borie-calern-loop0006b.jpg

    2/7. Calern's Loop borie, with destructive hiker - Clambering over the stones of the borie isn't good for them

  •  Borie Calern Loop photo borie-calern-loop0019b.jpg

    3/7. Calern's Loop borie, half tumbled down in the righthand corner of a corral type enclosure. Note the thickness of the walls of the enclosure, and how it uses the natural hillside boulders at the back.

  •  Borie Calern Loop photo borie-calern-loop0001b.jpg

    4/7. Loop borie on the Calern Plateau, looking west

  •  Borie Calern Loop photo borie-calern-loop0012b.jpg

    5/7. Loop borie on the Calern Plateau viewed from the hilltop with Cairn-A. Another borie is visible a bit to the northwest, marked with a yellow arrow

  •  Borie Calern Loop photo borie-calern-loop0025b.jpg

    6/7. Looking east over the Loop borie, across the grassy doline. On the hilltop is the rock cairn we call Cairn-A

  •  Borie Calern Loop photo borie-calern-loop0027b.jpg

    7/7. Looking east into the Loop borie and its enclosure wall

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