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Orchid, Giant Photo Gallery

  •  Orchid, Giant photo orchid-giant0004b.jpg

    1/10. Giant Orchid wildflower petal details, by Russ Collins

  •  Orchid, Giant photo orchid-giant0043b.jpg

    2/10. Several Giant Orchid wildflowers in the Garrigue near Uzes

  •  Orchid, Giant photo orchid-giant0017b.jpg

    3/10. A solo Giant Orchid wildflower in the high fields north of Grasse

  •  Orchid, Giant photo orchid-giant0028b.jpg

    4/10. A Giant Orchid plant with broad leaves

  •  Orchid, Giant photo orchid-giant0046b.jpg

    5/10. A pair of Giant Orchid wildflowers growing together in the garrigue

  •  Orchid, Giant photo orchid-giant0032b.jpg

    6/10. The flowehead of a Giant Orchid

  •  Orchid, Giant photo orchid-giant0040b.jpg

    7/10. Closer view of the Giant Orchid flower petals

  •  Orchid, Giant photo orchid-giant0014b.jpg

    8/10. And two more Giant Orchid petals in closer detal

  •  Orchid, Giant photo orchid-giant0039b.jpg

    9/10. A couple of Giant Orchid petals viewed from straight on

  •  Orchid, Giant photo orchid-giant0015b.jpg

    10/10. The inside of a Giant Orchid flower

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