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Olive Photo Gallery

  •  Olive photo menton-olivier0104b.jpg

    1/7. Ancient olive trees with gnarled trunks at Menton

  •  Olive photo pont-du-gard-olivier0008b.jpg

    2/7. A beautiful thousand-year-old olive tree at the Pont du Gard

  •  Olive photo pont-du-gard-olivier0011b.jpg

    3/7. Another of the very ancient olive trees at the Pont du Gard

  •  Olive photo entrecasteau-olivier006b.jpg

    4/7. A pair of young olive trees growing from a centuries-old stump at Entrecasteau

  •  Olive photo nice-olivier072b.jpg

    5/7. Olive plantation at the Cimiez park of Nice, France

  •  Olive photo callas-olivier0080b.jpg

    6/7. Olive harvest preperation at Callas village, with two people on hands and knees

  •  Olive photo oliviers-snow0003b.jpg

    7/7. Olive plantation in a a rare snowfall at Grasse

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