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  Florac / Florac Town Map

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Florac Town Map

Florac Town Map
Map by Florac Office de Tourisme   —   Note: North is not at the top; the river shown is the smaller one through the town center. [ back to Florac village page ]

1 - Tourist Office, start of 1h30 walk.
2 - The Esplanade: main admin building, entry into old town.
3 - The Planet: 12th-c tower-house, entry into oldest part of Florac.
4 - La Grand'rue (Main Street)
5 - Saint-Martin church, now a new1833 church.
6 - The ancient convent.
7 - The Vibron river.
8 - The "ferradou" (smithy) where oxen were shod.
9 - The fish farm.
10 - Panorama.
11 - The Pesquié spring (fisherman's source).
12 - The Castle and market place.

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